About the Band

Mickey “Stabs” Monaghan

Vocals, Kazoo
Hometown: New York, NY

Mickey grew up performing in multiple choirs, musicals, and other theatrical adventures. He traveled the country and overseas during his 20’s before ending up in Seattle. He is the primary lyricist and lends his guttural vocals to help give Molotov Juicebox their raw sound. 


Isaiah “Izzy” Shepherd

Guitar, Backup Vocals
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Izzy is still working on his bio and his dance moves.

Spencer Cristinziani

Drums/Percussion, Backup Vocals
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Spencer also has not yet given me his bio.

Ryan Asbert

Bass, Backup Vocals
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Ryan has been playing guitar and bass with various bands in the Seattle area for several years, including Shipyard Rose and The Cheese Adjusters. He is also very active in the Seattle theater scene, his favorite productions including “Boeing, Boeing”, “Death of a Salesman”, regular appearances with Twelfth Night Productions‘ annual Christmas shows, as well as his work with the Midnight Mystery Theater. When not performing, Ryan works as a web developer, currently for the University of Illinois. He also likes pizza.